Hand made in WA, Shipping Australia wide!
Hand made in WA, Shipping Australia wide!
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Crystals in Wood

Amethyst hall table crystals in Wood Jarrah. Made in Perth, Western Australia. Crystal table

There's scientific debate over how crystal geodes are formed, but one theory is volcanic lava flows around tree roots, the root system creates the cavities, then crystals grow within those air pockets and form over the next few million years.

If a tree could impossibly survive the extremely high temperatures of this event, and then draw those crystal formations up the sap lines of its trunk, the timber slabs would be incredibly beautiful!

Once this idea was conceived, the concept of crystal crevice furniture was created!

With an eye for detail, each stone is delicately placed to create a natural apearing geode formation within the tree's crevices.

The result makes the impossible seem natural, as if the clusters flow and grow within the sap lines of the trunk.

Adaptable to many timber species and crystals.

Amethyst crystals in Jarrah table. Crystal table made in Perth Western AustraliaCrystal table amethyst in Jarrah hall table with led lights. Made in Perth Western Australia

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