Ocean Resin Tables

Flowing Wood's signature style, combining the art of resin pouring, painting, sculpting along with having the craftsmanship of building fine quality wood slab tables. All sustainably sourced from local reclaimed timber slabs.

Each Ocean Resin Table is first inspired by a particular beach (usually the client's favourite beach) along with the client's timber of choice. The end result is a completely unique statement piece that is durable and long lasting for years to come. Adaptable to all table sizes from bar tops to dining tables, these ocean themed furniture pieces are functional works of art.

ocean resin bar top. Cape leveque red rocks in Western Australia with Marri wood
Jarrah resin beach hall table. Ocean resin art on Jarrah. Made in Perth, Western Australia
marri coffee table with ocean epoxy resin coat and steel legs. Marri slab furniture that's made in Western Australia
Marri hall table with ocean beach resin. Made in Perth, Western Australia by Flowing Wood Designs
Broome Cape leveque marri bar top made with Ocean beach resin art. Made in Perth, Western Australia by flowing wood designs
small timber slab table with epoxy resin ocean waves on top. Abalone shell whale and calf swimming in resin. industrial legs
small wood table with epoxy resin waves and abalone whale and calf on top.
camphor coffee table with epoxy resin waves poured ontop. Made by Flowing Wood Designs
camphor laurel coffee table with ocean epoxy resin top. Hair pin steel legs. Resin waves in turquoise blue
ocean resin art waves. Surf line up done with epoxy resin on camphor coffee table
ocean epoxy resin coffee table made with camphor wood slab with a turtle made from abalone shellepoxy resin coffee table with live edge sheoak slabs and burls. Ocean deep pour resin with waves crashing. Made by Flowing Wood Designs
australian hardwood sheoak coffee table with deep pour river resin. Ocean theme epoxy with waves washing around burls
river table top made with deep pour clear epoxy resin. Sheoak slabs with blue turquoise resin flowing between
metallic blue pigment in turquoise epoxy resin. River table made with sheoak ocean theme with waves
live edge marri slab hall table with steel industrial legs. Epoxy resin art on top with ocean and waves inspired by mullaloo
epoxy resin ocean beach top on marri live edge slab. made in perth australia by flowing wood designs