Hand made in WA, Shipping Australia wide!
Hand made in WA, Shipping Australia wide!
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River Tables

River tables have continued to grow in popularity and here in WA we're proud to have been one of the very first to offer these style tables since 2017.

Dean had already created a tried and tested method of bonding resin to wood during his time crafting world class GT fishing lures. These wooden lures were coated with 3 different types of resin for a total of 6 layers and were applied in different ways and at different temperatures. These lures had to be water tight even after sitting in the sun, being cast at rocks and chomped by fish and sharks!

So when deep pouring resin became available in Australia, Dean already had an advantage in making a resin table that will stand up for years to come.

Gold River table resin perth

Gold River resin table Jarrah bow ties

Now, with nearly a decade experience in bonding epoxy resin to wood, and having had made a number of tables which have been exposed to the harsh elements for years, you can trust your river table made by Flowing Wood Designs will remain beautiful for years to come.

Side table red and gold resin perth

Red and Gold resin river table


River table resin perth