Jarrah & Amethyst Hall Table
Jarrah & Amethyst Hall Table
Jarrah & Amethyst Hall Table
Jarrah & Amethyst Hall Table
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Jarrah & Amethyst Hall Table

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There is debate about the formation of amethyst geodes. One theory is that volcanic lava flows over tree roots, the roots disintegrate but they form the pocket of air within the lava. It's then the organic matter from the tree which fuels the formation of crystals over the next million or more years.

Taking this theory one step further to the impossible, imagine the tree survived all this. Imagine if the crystals were drawn up from the roots, through the veins of the trunk.

This table is how we imagine the timber slabs from that tree would look. 



 Q & A

What is "curly Jarrah"?

Curly Jarrah is the exact same species as Jarrah (eucalyptus marginata), the "curly" refers to a rare and highly desirable ripple effect in the grain.

Can you ship this piece?

Yes! The legs can be removed and sent in 2 boxes Australia wide!

How many are available?

Just one! This is a custom made piece that will never be made the same again.

Can you customize this table?

Sure, we can scale this design to a different size, different timber, different crystals and have a number of leg designs to choose from. Just send a request on our contact page for a free quote.

*The amethyst is lit with low voltage LED dimmable lights. When off, the lights are not visible and the amethyst geode is just as beautiful under natural light.