Hand made in WA, Shipping Australia wide!
Hand made in WA, Shipping Australia wide!
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Wall Art

Flowing Wood Designs signature range of Art. The original creator of this style, Dean depicts ocean coast lines on natural slabs of wood.

Using reclaimed native and locally sourced wood, each piece is chosen for it's unique character and suitability. Our timber slabs are specially milled from logs chosen by us for the sole purpose of hanging on a wall. Not all timber slabs are suitable for hanging and we take great care in preparing these canvases so ensure they last a lifetime.

Once milled, we machine the slab flat and stabilize the wood using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. Each piece is sanded to an ultra fine grit and prepared for painting.

Using a range of mediums including clay, sand, acrylic, resin and pigments Dean spends hours spanning over days and weeks meticulously sculpting, carving, painting and pouring the different mediums onto the wood. Layer upon layer creates intricate details and depths which can only be fully appreciated when seen in person.

With the help of drones, great details from above can be captured and these photos are then used as references. Rather than depicting a photo onto a canvas, the coastline is often warped to flow with the grain and shape of the wood. This creates a harmonious and balanced feel to each piece while still capturing the uniqueness of each beach being depicted.

Got a beach in mind you want painted? Most pieces are now custom ordered. This process is easy going, exciting and ensures you end up with the perfect art piece uniquely made just for you.

It starts with a conversation, from there we'll know you a little better and what will best suit you. You will then be kept in the loop with photos and updates along the build journey. From the drone flight over your chosen beach to choosing the perfect piece of wood, to the painting process, we want you to feel connected to your art piece as it's one of those few things people tend to keep throughout their lifetime.